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The Actors’ Hub is serious about developing actors in every sense. Being a successful actor takes more than just talent. 

Offering an alternative pathway to academic institutions, we are more than a drama school. The Actors’ Hub is a buzzing community, committed to supporting students and graduates throughout their career.  

If you are serious about your craft and gaining skills for success past the rehearsal room, The Actors’ Hub can take you there. 

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The Gap Auditions are now open!

Auditions are now open for The Actors’ Hub three-year fulltime acting program! 

The GAP is for those serious about an acting career. It’s not just about getting through school, it’s about getting you in to the industry. 

This course is immersive and hands on with a focus on the craft, establishing your individual brand and  building resilience and business knowledge so you are ready to meet the industry! 

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Are you serious about acting? Want to build your network and connect with others on a similar journey?  Join us in The Green Room! 

The Green Room is The Actors’ Hub Facebook page dedicated to helping actors. By sharing stories, audition opportunities, training tips and other industry relevant stuff you can feel surrounded by a network of peers on the journey with you. 

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GENERAL TIPS The people who are watching your audition have all been there!  At some point they also had to do their first audition so they know what it’s like! There is no Simon Cowell on the panel. Rather a few industry professionals who want to help you achieve...



Learning to listen  What does it mean to truly listen? Have we lost the ability to really listen? In acting it is a necessary skill to listen like your life depends upon it. It becomes a sensorial experience. All of the five senses are engaged as well as that sixth...



Make The Decision Many actors say they want to become professional but they aren't prepared to do what it takes. So, what does it take? A great parallel for an actor wanting to become professional is the athlete who wants the same. Both are asked to: Have a deep...