Improv To The Death – Grand Final

Sunday, 9th September at 5pm

So this is it! The Grand Final! Can any team wrestle the title from the team that has won the last 3 events. Each time it was close, so they CAN be beaten! Why not get your own team together to show them how it’s done!
The Hub presents the grand final Improv Competition run by the Platinums! Where teams of Gap students and, for the first time, friends and family alike will take to the stage and face off in improvisation games to decide the true Kings and Queens of Improv!If you like improv games much like “Whose Line Is It Anyway?” and Drew Carrey’s “Improvaganza”, you’re gonna love this! So come on down. $10 at the door. And you can lay bets on which team will win!And for any brave soldiers out there who want to get in on the action: it costs $2.50 a person ($10 a team of 4) to compete. Contact the Hub (info@actorshubperth.com.au or 0422 350 057) for more information on what you will need to prepare.


Ellis Pearson – Mask Play Masterclass

In this 5-day masterclass, explore the possibilities of 5 different kinds of mask play based on the teaching of Jacques Lecoq, working with: Neutral Mask, Larval Mask, Half Mask (Commedia mask), Utility Mask and Clown Mask.

There will also be a demonstration of how to make your own mask.

24th – 28th SEPTEMBER 2018
10am – 4pm

For more information: actorshubperth.com.au/master-classes/


Perth Acting Classes

Whether you’re just starting out in acting, and looking for a great class, or if you’ve been into acting for a while and you’re looking to bridge the gap into paid work, the Actors’ Hub is the place for you. Our experienced team will guide you in the right direction and present you with opportunities you may only have dreamed of.


We offer acting courses for beginners and experienced clients and our regular performances give our members the opportunity to be in the limelight for real. Our regular masterclasses welcome professional actors to share their experiences and advice about how to make it in the business with our members. We are very lucky to have had some very high profile visitors and look forward to sharing this with you.

The Actors Hub -Trial ClassFree Career Planning Session
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Acting is Being Awake

  Awake, being present and mindfulness – they are all the same thing. And without it our art dies. Never before has our society been so preoccupied with the past or the future or what we might be missing out on. With the increasing popularity of the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter the anxiety associated with the fear of missing out is on the rise. All of this takes us out of the present moment. With our fast paced living we are becoming less and less present in the moment. “We often cannot hear our own inner voice, the voice of our artist’s inspiration, above the static.” Julian Cameron – The Artist’s Way   Without these distractions, we are once again thrust into the sensory world. The present moment is one of the greatest tools for an actor.   Actor training has become more about training the mind of the actor to remain present and the discipline associated with being mindful to the moment. If an actor cannot demonstrate this kind of discipline over his/her mind then their art is lost. It is in the moment in which the spontaneity of the scene lives.   One of the first lessons my first acting teacher taught me was there are 3 types of actors: 1. The first swims on the surface with mask and snorkel observing the fish below. 2. The second dons scuba gear and bravely swims amongst the fish. 3. But the third type of actor swims down and breathes with the fish.   I love this analogy! It describes the mindfulness needed for a magical performance and...

The Cost of Investing in Your Dreams

A New Study Exposes ‘Class Ceiling’ That Deters Less Privileged Actors – see link below. Dreams do take a certain amount of investment. But is it our financial situation that really stops us or is it that we are afraid to invest in ourselves? How often do we use our financial situation as an excuse not to invest the goal? Can we see the value in investing in our goals (and therefore ourselves) and stop at nothing to move towards the goal? After all if we are not ready to invest in ourselves why should anyone else – why should a director, or producer, or production company for that matter. When it comes to investing in ourselves it should never be a matter of invest or do not invest. We should approach our goals with a “do-whatever-it-takes” attitude and look for that third option and ask instead “how can I make this happen?” Often all it takes is the decision to invest for the money to magically appear. Stand behind your talent and do whatever it takes. Click on the link below to find out more:...

Doing It Alone Is Expensive

Reach Out for Help and Invest in Your Training.   I have interviewed a number of aspiring actors and the common thread I have identified is the fear to invest 100% in the goal. Afraid they won’t make it, so they divide their focus between the goal and a back-up plan. If your goal was to be a doctor, you would focus 100% of your attention on becoming a doctor. Right? But, with actors, fear gets in the way. Perhaps because they have been told too often it is a difficult career to get into. Or, perhaps because they have not clearly defined the specific goal. The reason why is not important. In working with these aspiring actors, I have learnt: those that have backup plans need backup plans; and those who do not, do not need them because they achieve the goal. Their focus is 100% on the goal. Those who have no choice but to succeed as they have nothing else approach the work with a different mind frame – a more determined one. They are far more determined to identify the problem and find their own solutions to it. In order to achieve the dream you must not be afraid to invest in it and yourself. If you want to ensure you get there and want to get there quickly, then, like an athlete, you need to invest in training. And those who give over 100% to the training are the ones that really achieve. After all, what is the point of investing in the training if you are not going to take on board the...