100 Reasons For War

Gap II production – June 2019

by Tom Holloway
Directed by Ella Hetherington

A chaotic mind-opening work that leads to many questions about the state of humanity and our individual role in it.

We are at war with the climate, with each other and with ourselves.  Yet we are on a quest for peace: world peace, peace in our homes, peace within ourselves – just a moment of peace. The peace business is “booming”. We’re being sold meditation apps, sustainably-sourced yoga mats, essential oils, turmeric lattes, reusable coffee cups, luxurious tranquillity on remote islands retreats, electric cars, green living ….  The list goes on and on and on.

And still the ‘wars’ rage on.

Are we more peaceful? What even is peace. Is peace possible?  Are we capable of peace?