The work that needs to be done in order to be calm leading up to and during a performance happens long before you step foot on set, which is great as you can prepare for those nerves – that nervous energy that production crews loath working with – while you are preparing character.

Breath Work

Throughout the rehearsal process practice breathing techniques that calm you. This will also help with voice work and bringing your present in your performances.


Practicing regular meditation releases the daily stress that builds up in our bodies. When you make meditation part of your daily practice the body is better prepared for handling the stresses of production


Regularly schedule time during your rehearsal process to play out your successful performance in your mind.


Regularly stepping in and out of character throughout your day-to-day routine is a great way to get comfortable with where the character ends and you begin. This will make you feel a lot more comfortable stepping into character when it is time to perform no matter how nervous you may be, you know you can because you have done it so many times before.

Remember You Are Not Alone

Everyone on the team wants to make a great film and each member of the team has something challenging to face during the process. So do not feel like you are an anomaly if you are feeling nervous. There is something comforting in reminding yourself you are not alone. You can talk out your nerves and share your self-doubts but do not do it on set on the day! Enlist the techniques already mentioned and remain professional on set. Nerves can spread like wildfire through a team. It can really ruin the vibe on an otherwise vibrant a productive set.

Your nerves are simply the body’s fight or flight response to a perceived threat or danger. The simplest way to address your nerves in the moment is to change the way you feel about the very thing that causes it. Eliminate ‘what if’ scenarios from your mind. No matter what happens you can only bring the performance you have prepared. So, remind yourself to think rational positive thoughts and focus on what you have been rehearsing, the character’s inner thoughts, their view of the world and what they want. Your job is to breathe and have fun!