• The people who are watching your audition have all been there!  At some point they also had to do their first audition so they know what it’s like!
  • There is no Simon Cowell on the panel. Rather a few industry professionals who want to help you achieve your goals and who are excited for you in taking the first step
  • Remember, it’s an audition. You may not do it perfectly but you most certainly need to try your hardest.
  • Put the prep work in. Acting is hard work and you need to demonstrate in your audition that you have the right attitude and are prepared to put in the effort to do your best performance!
  • Assessing your grit, determination and work ethic is as important as assessing your talent!
  • Be true to who you are. Be authentic. The greatest tool you have as an actor is who you are and your experiences. Make them shine.
  • Seek feedback. All good actors seek feedback throughout the continuation of their career.


If you are asked to submit a self-tape audition:

    • Keep the camera steady by using a tripod or propping your camera/phone up on something, and avoid zooming in and out.
    • Make sure the camera is filming at eye-level (or very close to eye-level) and look very close to the camera’s lens but do not look directly into camera
    • Avoid empty space above your  head
    • Please shoot MEDIUM CLOSE-UP as we need to see facial expressions and a bit of body language.
    • Remember lighting! Light from the FRONT and avoid backlight. Sitting facing an open window during the day is great. Or a cheap ring-light. Or even think about shooting outside but watch for shadows. Do not film with a window behind you.
    • Try and keep your background as uncluttered as possible so you stand out. But we understand you can only work with the space you have, a plain wall with enough light will do.
    • Film HORIZONTALLY, not vertically. LANDSCAPE, not portrait.

Here is a great video guide to self-taping:



Film your audition in a MEDIUM CLOSE UP, which looks like this: