4x4x4 at Fringeworld 2020

January-February 2020

Directed by Amanda Crewes

Come out and play with four of the best

In 4x4x4, the same team from The Actors’ Hub will perform four separate shows during Fringe World – four nights, four shows, across four weeks.


The Innocent Pawn gives a 360-degree perspective on people’s experiences and relationships to pornography and how it affects our culture, society and relations. Compiled with interviews from around Perth and the world. Let’s talk about sex, baby. Let’s talk about you and me. Let’s talk about all the good things and the bad things that may be.

What happens when augmented reality bleeds into our reality? In The Empire, the audience is asked to make a very important decision. But who is playing who and where do people’s agendas lie?


The Verona Mob takes the classical Shakespearean piece, Romeo and Juliet, and transforms it into a whodunit taking the characters from the original text and bringing to life their individual perspectives in a modern-day language accessible to all.


In Love Light Laughter we meet eight celebrities as they grapple with the very human lives they lead behind the extraordinary click-bait that our culture consumes. Exploring moments of love, humour, inspiration, tragedy audiences walk away feeling humbled by the stories behind these big lives.