Student Charter

What we stand for

Our learning space is one to be valued and respected. To be a brilliant at the craft, actors have to be honest about themselves. This can only happen when you feel secure enough to be so. 

That’s why our students embrace, live and breathe our charter. Creating a safe, secure and honest culture cultivates excellence. We know students come to The Actors’ Hub ready to aspire and it’s up to all of us to create the right space and energy to do just that.  Introducing our Student Charter. 

Be unique. We like you that way! 

Creating a space that is inclusive and safe for all is something we are passionate aboutBeing who you are is what makes you unique! At The Actors’ Hub we celebrate our diverse community and empower students to bring their authentic selves, whatever your age, race, gender identity or background. 

Our Values


Have respect for our space and The Hub brand


Understand nothing is personal in feedback


Be and always do your best


Respect others in their absence


Enter with an open mind. Seek clarification before making assumptions.


Set and respect boundaries


Punctuality is expected. Arrive on time.


Engaging in intimate relations with other students or coaches is off limits


Celebrate, champion and challenge each other


Trust – your word is your bond