The gym

About the Program

The GYM is an acting ‘fitness’ membership for experienced actors or those who have completed The Beginning and feel they are ready to move on to more challenging opportunities. 

Just like any elite athlete, to be the best, you need the top coaches and training to keep you there. The GYM keeps actors “gig” fit with a competitive edge through advanced technique coaching and performances throughout the year. 

In the famous words of Peter Brook “The art of acting is in some ways the most exacting art of all, and without constant schooling the actor will stop halfway”. 

Keep ahead of the competition with The GYM annual membership. 

How To Apply

Each year, entry to The GYM is by interview – a Plan Your Path Consultation

The GYM is an intermediate to advanced course so members are required to have completed The Beginning or The GAP program or have proof of alternative prior training or recognised industry experience. 




Annual Membership


Actors with prior training or industry experience


Monday and Wednesday, 46 weeks of the year! (excl public holidays) 


$4,000 per year


Detailed program notes 

Term Dates

2022 – Final class, Wednesday 14th December  

Classes recommence on Monday 9th January 2023

Is this program for me?

Many actors find The GYM is a great option if they can’t commit to fulltime training right now and need high quality training in experiences. Some members have completed fulltime training already and are here to sharpen their skills and keeping fit for their next audition or gig. 

Some part-time skilled actors who are simply keen on local performances rather than a fulltime acting career also come to The GYM as they are still wanting high quality training and performance opportunities at a local level. 

Program Outline

Weekly classes: 

  • Monday’s 6-9pm | Scene work and script analysis 
  • Wednesday’s 6-9pm | Acting fundamentals and character creation 

Membership of The GYM also includes: 

  • Access to script work classes
    – given a scene and a scene partner.
    – access to rehearsal space.
    – bring to class performance ready, and have some of Australia’s best coaches and directors work you through it.
    – performance opportunity for the scene 
  • Subscription to Lab performances 
  • 2 x Brand-Development meetings per year 
  • Rehearsal support (directorial and written) 
  • Support with external submissions 
  • Support with screen tests when required 
  • The Actors’ Hub Community and community events 
  • Facebook discussion group 
  • Monthly blogs 
  • Network building opportunities 
  • Hub Community ticket prices on production tickets 

Students speak about, and show clips of, their experience with our part-time program, The Gym.