Lets Get Clear On The Dream

People need to be repeatedly reminded of their goals and reinforced in their efforts in order to progress.

a) Choose the Dream / Goal
You need to determine your focus so you can clearly see when you are off track, when an opportunity is right for you to pursue, and so you have clarity with regards to the people you want to bring on board to help you achieve your dream. The dream is the reason why you are doing it. It motivates you to keep moving forward.

So before anything else you must get specific, very specific, about the dream. Most people, when you ask them to get specific about what they really want, feel uncomfortable discussing their goals/dreams or writing them down and in some cases feel that their dreams are stupid. You need to get comfortable and very specific. Your goal will guide you in making the right choices. It will keep you on track. It will motivate you when the work gets tough.

b) Have a clear vision of what it looks like
Write it up, or create a visual image of it by drawing it or even collaging it (where you cut out images from magazines that represent what you really want).

c) Refer to it regularly
Refer to it on a regular basis. As your relationship with your goal/dream develops, so does your determination to achieve it. As you begin to acknowledge how important it is to you, you begin to adopt that “do whatever it takes attitude”. The more you see the dream, the more achievable it seems. The dream keeps you focused through the ups and downs of your journey.

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