At Affinity’s End

The Actors’ Hub Studios production – Perth Fringe January 2020

Written and
directed by Amanda Crewes

‘At Affinity’s End’ explores connection, the cost of keeping people at a distance, and what true love really means.

Meaghan and Brendan are madly in love, almost insufferably so. Knowing that the honeymoon period can only last so long, they enlist the help of a therapist. Through the highs and the lows, we follow them across eight years of their relationship in the therapist’s office. While the two of them are learning about each other, themselves and how to communicate their love, the doctor battles with his growing fondness for them, his professional distance and where that line sits for him in an ever isolated world.

In its first production in 20 years ‘At Affinity’s End’ is a heartwarming, heartbreaking, laugh out loud play about learning to love another person for every bit of them.