Director - Amanda Crewes

Auditioning Made Easy – Masterclass


It’s that time of the year again! Auditions are about to begin for all the top drama schools around Australia. The only hurdle is the audition process. You think to yourself…”If I can survive that, I will be on my way to my dream career.”

Do you feel auditions are too much pressure, cost a lot of money, and are loaded with too many expectations? And on top of that everyone always asks you about them afterwards – adding that extra stress?

Are your tormented by the question how will you feel if you put in all this work and don’t get the results you want?

Do you feel like there is so much riding on your audition causing you to never show your true potential?

When the audition is looming and your confidence is waning this program will get you performing at the top of your game and achieving that competitive edge.

You will:

  • Learn to stop doubting yourself, stop putting yourself under so much pressure and stop turning the work that you love into a chore so that you can perform at your best in the audition
  • Notice your confidence growing
  • Discover the real reason you don’t have the audition success rate you want and simple changes you can make right now to attract audition success
  • Know exactly what steps you need to take to prepare for a successful audition
  • Cut through the clutter of conflicting and confusing advice and get focused on what works right so you can stop wasting your precious time and energy on things that don’t work
  • Feel supported and encouraged like never before

Do you want that competitive edge?

  1. On Monday 17 October you will have access to my free report on Auditioning Made Easy. My report outlines the things that you will need to consider in your audition preparation work and before you enter that audition room.
  2. On Monday 24 October 6-9pm we will go through the step-by-step audition preparation process that will ensure your audition pieces are ready for your audition. You will leave with a tried and tested process that if you follow will guarantee results. This alone will give you the confidence boost you need to walk into that room relaxed and ready to begin.
  3. On Tuesday 25 October and Wednesday 26 October 6-9pm you will have the opportunity to present your audition pieces to the class for some industry feedback that will give you a focus for the work and will take your work to the next level.
  4. Upon completion of your final session you will book a time that suits you to come in for a one-on-one one hour session with one of our instructors in order to add the final touches to your pieces and get you in the right mindset for your audition.
  5. After your audition we will book you in for a free Next Level Break Through Session to get you crystal clear on your vision for your ideal acting career beyond drama school and uncover obstacles that may be sabotaging your success so you can walk away with an action plan and the motivation to see it through.

Auditioning Made Easy Masterclass



DATES PERTH – 24th, 25th and 26th October 2016

Clients must sign up for all the times this is offered.

TIME 6pm – 9pm

FEE $400

I remember being so afraid, not so much nervous but afraid, of the panel, of the room, of taking up too much time, of everything! The Hub has taught me to own the space and remember that everyone in that audition wants me to succeed, they’re on my side, and it’s MY audition not theirs. With that in mind I wasn’t that afraid anymore, nervous yes but I go into the room with a different headspace, to win!”

Angela Mahlatjie

I used to have this dangerous misconception that auditioning was a stressful time that you practically needed to act like a robot in order to please. And that wasn’t serving me any favours. The Hub taught me that its all about showing your personality and having fun in the room. Because that’s what will get you remembered. The audition is your time to show them why they need you. So look at it as your audition of them! The Hub taught me to take a breath, play your brand and make them remember you through bold choices and an attitude to win!”

Justin Gray