Gap II production – April 2019

Directed by Ellis Pearson

“Beast” explores two of the major themes that shape us human beings as we grow up – love and fear! It does this by following the trials and tribulations of the people from a rural village as they face the danger of ‘the beast’.

Devised in a collaboration between the students and the director, Ellis Pearson.

“Although we have followed archetypal themes, we have tried to make theatre that is ‘magical’ and has the possibility of enchanting the audience at every moment, with laughter never far away. Our piece has tried to make visible the tremendous power of group collaboration.”

Through the articulate use of body and voice, the colour and harmony of song, the skilful use of invented sound-making instruments of all kinds, the actors have woven a tale that will keep the audience on the edges of their seats until the last gasping moments of the play.