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The Actors’ Hub provides ongoing professional development for actors currently working within the industry, or working their way into it. Work along side leading edge industry professionals in a range of acting and related areas. Designed as professional development to take advantage of local and visiting artists, a masterclass will teach you relevent techniques for working in today’s industry. These classes are ideal for those currently working within the industry or those looking to learn from industry professionals.

Auditioning Masterclass

Auditions are never easy but they are the language of our industry. We are about to head into “audition season” with pilot season just around the corner (running January to April each year) and drama schools around the country looking to offer places for next year’s intake.

Auditions don’t need to be scary. Let us teach you the process that ensures you feel prepared and confident for every audition you have in the future.

Get the help you need to:
– ensure you are performing at your best
– find out exactly what is expected of you from an audition , and
– feel confident with what you are putting up every time.

This masterclass helps students to develop successful audition techniques necessary to prepare thoroughly for an audition – whether it is for industry, further education or the community theatre scene.

Prepare and bring with you 2 monologues and set the stage for success with this 2-day masterclass.

Auditioning Masterclass

WHEN:   9th – 10th OCTOBER 2019
9am – 2pm
VENUE:   The Actors’ Hub Studios, 129 Kensington Street,  East Perth, WA
COST:   $250

Conrad Le Bron

Conrad Le Bron 2-Day Intensive Workshop

After the sold out success of last year and after holding workshops in New York City, Conrad Le Bron’s transformational acting workshop returns to The Actors’ Hub Perth this September!

“This was one of the best things I have done.” Katherine Hicks – (Logie Award Nominee, The Leftovers – HBO, Jack Irish, Winners & Losers, Rescue Special Ops)

As an Australian born, LA based actor and acting coach, who has trained with some of the greatest acting tutors in the world, as well as training and working as a Life Coach – this 2 Day Intensive Workshop will inspire, empower and transform your work as an actor.

Based on the teachings of Susan Batson (acting coach to Nicole Kidman, Juliette Binoche, Oprah Winfrey), Jeneffa Soldatic (Nickelodeon, Life Member of The Actor’s Studio Drama School, New York City) and tutors from NIDA, WAAPA, The Actor’s Centre Australia and The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School UK, this class will push you further and give you a competitive edge with audition pieces and character work.

For details, see the Facebook event: https://www.facebook.com/events/252839351985747/

f you are ready to challenge yourself and get a taste of extraordinary U.S acting training, then reserve your spot now!

Conrad Le Bron's Acting Wokshop


Saturday 1st September, 2018, 11am – 7pm

Sunday 2nd September, 2018,   2pm – 9pm

(Finish times may vary)

VENUE:   The Actors’ Hub Studios, 129 Kensington Street,  East Perth, WA
COST:   $295
Auditors/observers permitted on Sunday from 3pm – $20
Participants who book and pay upfront – receive $40 discount 
(Valid until Friday 3rd August, 2018)
To register – email: contact@conradlebron.com
Discover more at: www.conradlebron.com/coaching/
Martin Crewes

Martin Crewes – Audition Masterclass

The Secrets to Booking the Job and Having a Long and Successful Career in Showbusiness
What exactly are they looking for? Should you just be yourself when you walk in? What’s the difference between auditioning for stage and screen? What do they do differently in Hollywood? Should you let them hear how good your Russian accent is even if they haven’t asked for it?
Martin Crewes has uncovered the answers to these and numerous other such questions first hand, in a career that has spanned more than thirty years and counting. He has worked in almost every conceivable area of the performing arts industry in almost every conceivable country. From performing Shakespeare in Singapore to lead roles in the West End of London to Hollywood blockbusters, there isn’t much of the actor’s life he hasn’t already seen or done. But he’s showing no signs of slowing down.
Now, in this exclusive one-day masterclass he’ll share many of the insights, tips and tricks needed to sustain a career in the modern day professional show business industry.
Participants should bring a monologue, song, scene, or screen-test scene to work on.

Martin Crewes - Audition Masterclass




WHEN – Saturday, November 18th, 2017 @ 11am (~ 6 hours)
VENUE – The Actors’ Hub, 129 Kensington Street,  East Perth, WA
COST – $250
Conrad Le Bron

Conrad Le Bron – Acting Workshop

Work with Perth-born, USA-based Actor and Acting Coach, Conrad Le Bron!

Conrad will be in Perth, direct from LA, for a one-off Intro Workshop and a  One-Day Intensive this October!


“This was one of the best things I have done to prep for an audition. I was so ready and inspired. Conrad works to empower you and give you igniting choices. I love working with him.”

– Katherine Hicks (The Leftovers – HBO, Jack Irish, Winners & Losers, Rescue Special Ops)

The Actors’ Hub and KJ Entertainment are delighted to bring Conrad Le Bron’s Acting Workshop in Perth this October.  This is a rare opportunity to learn powerful exercises and techniques from American training, not easily found and rarely taught in Australia, and to work with a coach who has trained with some of the greatest acting coaches in the world.

Bring a character and a monologue or sides of your choice to work on, and work with a highly sought after acting coach who works with established and upcoming actors in Australia and the U.S. (If you don’t have a character, sides will be provided).

Take this opportunity to discover how to take the next steps in your career as an actor, on the east coast and in the United States. This is a workshop like no other. Based on the teachings of Susan Batson (acting coach to Nicole KidmanJuliette BinocheOprah Winfrey), Jeneffa Soldatic (Nickelodeon, Life Member of The Actor’s Studio Drama School, New York City) and tutors from NIDAWAAPAThe Actor’s Centre Australia and The Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, UK – this class will push you further and give you a competitive edge with audition pieces. If you are ready to challenge yourself and get a taste of U.S acting training, then reserve your spot now!

Conrad Le Bron Acting Workshop


INTRO WORKSHOP – Thursday October 5th, 2017 @ 6:30pm = $45  (~ 3 hours)
ONE DAY INTENSIVE – Sunday October 8th, 2017 @ 11am = $195 (~ 6 hours)
$240 = $195
VENUE – The Actors’ Hub, 129 Kensington Street,  East Perth, WA
For more information, visit: www.conradlebron.com/coaching
Elizabeth Kemp

Elizabeth Kemp – Masterclass

The Actors’ Hub and 16th Street Actors Studio are thrilled to announce Elizabeth Kemp will bring the evolution of her iconic Character Dream Masterclass to Australia this July.

In this immersive 6-day Masterclass participants delve even deeper and take the sacred journey from the birth of a character through to performance, directed by Elizabeth.

“I am honoured and blessed to be able to work with Elizabeth Kemp. She has added many layers of depth to not only my process but also my experience as an actor. Allowing me to find connections and freedom that I have not felt before.”

– Hugh Jackman,  Academy Award Nominee

This is an intense exploration into character. The work is transformative.

Elizabeth’s ability to embrace the human condition and lead actors into the deep and hidden parts of themselves makes her a guide of the human spirit. Actors are profoundly changed from having worked with her.

Elizabeth’s Dreamwork introduces actors to the work of Carl Jung and language of the soul, the very essence of their creativity. Actors discover and explore the fusion between themselves and the characters they play and ultimately experience transformation.

Elizabeth Kemp Masterclass


Applications Close: June 13th 2017
Perth Dates: July 5th – 10th 2017
Masterclass Times: 9am to 6pm (finish times may vary)

Elizabeth Kemp’s Character Dream Workshop

Each artist will choose a character on whom they will do research from childhood into the adult years; actors are expected to choose a character they feel they must do. This is a character that, in some way, you intuit will be transformative, especially now at this time in your life. The character can be literary, mythological, fictional, historical or ancestral. This process, that will be experienced in the workshop, has been developed by Elizabeth over 20 years from workshops she has taught worldwide in such cities as Warsaw, Berlin, Athens, Rome, Paris, New York, Stockholm and Brussels.

The workshop is Method based ~ the work brought to us by Constantin Stanislavski, then Lee Strasberg and into The Actors Studio, infused with exercises inspired by the dream work of Carl Jung. The work is deep, and integrated with imagery used from your own subconscious ~ symbols of your dreams.

Elizabeth is the one of single most inspiring, transformative, present human beings I have had the great fortune of working with.

Her generosity, fierceness, open heart, passion and dedication to the craft and to humanity is profound – she is at once both a master of the craft and a liberator of the human soul.

-Cody Fern —  Warhorse, Heath Ledger Scholarship recipient

Elizabeth Kemp was one of the youngest members to be admitted to The Actors Studio and has been a member of since 1975. In her career she has been fortunate to learn from many masters including Lee Strasberg, Elia Kazan, Arthur Penn and Ellen Burstyn.

She is currently Co Artistic Director and is on the Board of Directors of The Actors Studio in New York. Elizabeth is proud to be the Chair of The Acting Department at The Actors Studio Drama School at Pace University. Having studied the work of Jung for many years, she has taken courses at The Carl Jung Institute in New York City as well as working privately with Jungian mentors Bernard McDonnell and Morgan Stebbins. Elizabeth has coached many Academy Award and Cesar Award winning actors. For more on Elizabeth visit www.elizabethkemp.com

Director - Amanda Crewes

Auditioning Made Easy – Masterclass


It’s that time of the year again! Auditions are about to begin for all the top drama schools around Australia. The only hurdle is the audition process. You think to yourself…”If I can survive that, I will be on my way to my dream career.”

Do you feel auditions are too much pressure, cost a lot of money, and are loaded with too many expectations? And on top of that everyone always asks you about them afterwards – adding that extra stress?

Are your tormented by the question how will you feel if you put in all this work and don’t get the results you want?

Do you feel like there is so much riding on your audition causing you to never show your true potential?

When the audition is looming and your confidence is waning this program will get you performing at the top of your game and achieving that competitive edge.

You will:

  • Learn to stop doubting yourself, stop putting yourself under so much pressure and stop turning the work that you love into a chore so that you can perform at your best in the audition
  • Notice your confidence growing
  • Discover the real reason you don’t have the audition success rate you want and simple changes you can make right now to attract audition success
  • Know exactly what steps you need to take to prepare for a successful audition
  • Cut through the clutter of conflicting and confusing advice and get focused on what works right so you can stop wasting your precious time and energy on things that don’t work
  • Feel supported and encouraged like never before

Do you want that competitive edge?

  1. On Monday 17 October you will have access to my free report on Auditioning Made Easy. My report outlines the things that you will need to consider in your audition preparation work and before you enter that audition room.
  2. On Monday 24 October 6-9pm we will go through the step-by-step audition preparation process that will ensure your audition pieces are ready for your audition. You will leave with a tried and tested process that if you follow will guarantee results. This alone will give you the confidence boost you need to walk into that room relaxed and ready to begin.
  3. On Tuesday 25 October and Wednesday 26 October 6-9pm you will have the opportunity to present your audition pieces to the class for some industry feedback that will give you a focus for the work and will take your work to the next level.
  4. Upon completion of your final session you will book a time that suits you to come in for a one-on-one one hour session with one of our instructors in order to add the final touches to your pieces and get you in the right mindset for your audition.
  5. After your audition we will book you in for a free Next Level Break Through Session to get you crystal clear on your vision for your ideal acting career beyond drama school and uncover obstacles that may be sabotaging your success so you can walk away with an action plan and the motivation to see it through.

Auditioning Made Easy Masterclass



DATES PERTH – 24th, 25th and 26th October 2016

Clients must sign up for all the times this is offered.

TIME 6pm – 9pm

FEE $400

I remember being so afraid, not so much nervous but afraid, of the panel, of the room, of taking up too much time, of everything! The Hub has taught me to own the space and remember that everyone in that audition wants me to succeed, they’re on my side, and it’s MY audition not theirs. With that in mind I wasn’t that afraid anymore, nervous yes but I go into the room with a different headspace, to win!”

Angela Mahlatjie

I used to have this dangerous misconception that auditioning was a stressful time that you practically needed to act like a robot in order to please. And that wasn’t serving me any favours. The Hub taught me that its all about showing your personality and having fun in the room. Because that’s what will get you remembered. The audition is your time to show them why they need you. So look at it as your audition of them! The Hub taught me to take a breath, play your brand and make them remember you through bold choices and an attitude to win!”

Justin Gray

Lisa Robertson
Lisa Robertson is a fully committed teacher with passion and insight’

Larry Moss

Acting Coach

In 2015 we brought you Elizabeth Kemp, this year we bring you…



Presented in conjunction with 16th Street Actors Studio, acclaimed LA acting coach and protege of Larry Moss, Lisa Robertson, brings to Australia for the first time her exploratory emotional and physical acting techniques.

Lisa Robertson has been teaching acting in Los Angeles for over 14 years, working with highly skilled actors from all over the world. Lisa is an acclaimed acting coach and director who was mentored by one of the greatest acting coaches of our generation, Larry Moss.

Drawing on her training with Larry Moss and with Patsy Rosenberg, Master of Voice and Shakespeare, Lisa has coached transformative, award-winning performances for film and television. Designed to trigger and sculpt both internal and external character life in order to build a dynamic story-telling arc, Lisa’s technique releases the actor from self-consciousness and ‘into the life’.

Included with each registration is a Next Level Breakthrough Session. This session can be done at any time but it would be best done prior to the workshop to enable you to focus on what you want to get out of this 4-day Masterclass.

Applications now open. Early-bird registration closes June 12th

‘Lisa Robertson is an excellent acting coach. She not only improves you as an actor but gives you the technique to improve yourself’

Eddie Izzard

Actor, Comedian

Unleashing Character Life


Musical Theatre Masterclass with Martin Crewes

Martin is a graduate of WAAPA. He began his career in Australia appearing in Aspects of Love, West Side Story, South Pacific and Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat. In 1996, he played Marius in the International Touring Production of Les Miserables and then on the West End in 1997.

In the UK, Martin appeared on stage as Dino in The Orange Tree Theatre production of The Rink, Joey Evans in The Chichester Festival Theatre Production of Pal Joey and originated the role of Walter Hartright in Andrew Lloyd Webber’s The Woman in White, directed by Trevor Nunn. He also performed opposite Dame Judi Dench in the Royal Shakespeare Company’s production of Merry Wives The Musical at Stratford upon Avon.

Back in Australia, Martin was seen as Rik, the barman in Oh! What A Night (Helpman Award nomination), Claude in the Production Company’s Hair (Greenroom Award), Jim Ryan “The Man” in David Atkin’s The Man From Snowy River Arena Spectacular (Greenroom Award nomination), and most recently as Pasha/Strelnikov in Dr Zhivago (Helpman Award Nomination, Glug Award).

Martin Performed the Opening Number of the Royal Variety Performance in 2000. He sang the role of Marius in the Scandinavian Concert Tour of Les Miserables in 2002 and has performed in concerts throughout Europe, Austrlalia and New Zealand.

Martin’s television appearances include Neighbours, Dream Team, Daylight Robbery, Bad Girls, The Grand, Heartbeat, Casualty, Tough Nuts and Crownies. He has appeared on film in D.O.A, Santa Rita and as Chad Kaplan in Resident Evil.

Masterclass with Greg Enriquez

Personally selected and endorsed by Maestro Seth Riggs to be his Associate in 1991, GregEnriquez is regarded by several Entertainment Professionals to be the most effective andcommercial Vocal Technique Instructor in Las Vegas. He has successfully coached hundredsof singers, dancers, and actors in every aspect of musical performance. Though Enriquez maintains an active teaching schedule at his private studio in Las Vegas andat Maestro Riggs’ studio in Los Angeles, he travels throughout the world as a Guest Lecturerand Teacher in Vocal Therapy and Singing He was a special contracted Vocal Consultant for Solange Knowles (Columbia Records), theTommy Hilfiger Britney Spears…Baby One More Time Tour, HardRock presents Hole…Celebrity Skin Tour (Courtney Love), BLAQUE (Columbia), Creations du Dragon(Celine Dion), as well as for the multi-million dollar productions Mystère (Cirque du Soleil)at the Treasure Island, Starlite Express at the Las Vegas Hilton, Legends in Concert at theImperial Palace, Zumanity (Cirque du Soleil) at the New York-New York Hotel, Splash at theRiviera Hotel, Notre Dame de Paris at the Paris Resort, the Penn & Teller Show for FOX, theHavana Night Club, We Will Rock You at the Paris Resort, and LE RÊVE at the WynnResort.

Workshop Testimonials


“Having the opportunity to work in the environment created by The Actors’ Hub alongside such an immensely talented and hard working ensemble is something that I will cherish forever. The Actors’ Hub is run by a dedicated team that understands and appreciates deeply the elements that are required in order to nurture and develop talent. It’s rare for a place like this to have such a supportive and encouraging culture for young actors and I look forward to working with the studio again in the future.”

Angus McLaren

“Having the opportunity to work in the environment created by The Actors’ Hub alongside such an immensely talented and hard working ensemble is something that I will cherish forever. The Actors’ Hub is run by a dedicated team that understands and appreciates deeply the elements that are required in order to nurture and develop talent. It’s rare for a place like this to have such a supportive and encouraging culture for young actors and I look forward to working with the studio again in the future.”

Jack Kennare

“Embarking on the Elizabeth Kemp journey is a truly surreal and enriching experience, that I will always cherish. This process enabled me to connect with my character on a much deeper level, it forces you to look beyond the surface of a character and dive deep into the characters world, exploring all aspects of the characters psyche and unlocking the complexities of the human condition. The gift of artistic storytelling through acting is one to be valued and nurtured it can bring about positive change and light to the world.  Elizabeth, I am astonished at the innovation, depth and significance of your creative work, it is beautiful, ground breaking and life changing!”

Jessic Lilly Bushby

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