Mastering Auditions

Understand the value you bring before you start

Often when new actors walk into an audition they believe they are there to please the panel. To show them that they are exactly what the panel wants them to be. Whatever that is! They believe they need to show how easy they are to get along with, what a great sense of humor they have and what an all round nice guy/gal they are.

Afraid that the casting panel may not like certain attributes about their personality, the new auditionee “waters down” who they are and in fact almost completely loses their personality altogether. Remember it is your personality just as much as mastery of the craft that will get you the job. Your personality IS the draw card. Hiding your personality from the casting panel leaves the panel unsure as to what you will bring to the production. And besides, how can you be what you think they may want when you do not know what that is. Sometimes they aren’t really clear on that either. You are not a mind reader. Stand in your own power and confidently make them aware of who you are. They will thank you for it. It makes their job so much easier.

So how can you ensure you bring YOU to the audition?

a) Before the audition, sit down and list all the ways that you are right for this job. Identify attributes in your personality that you think the production team would benefit from by having you on board. This may mean some research into the production team and their mission statement and strategic objectives.

b) Then find your “me too.” Start to make links between your personality and the character you are auditioning for. Look for links between their stories and yours. This is the thing that makes it so important for you to tell this character’s story.

c) Then walk in with that winning attitude trying to be nothing but who you are.  Rod Judkins points out, “creative people are prepared to be themselves. They make the most of their own experiences, whether good or bad. The advantage of being themselves is that they are original. There is no one like them. This makes whatever they do unique.” Your uniqueness is your competitive edge over the competition.

d) Before you begin your performance consciously breathe. Let go of the need to please, the need to be accepted and stand confidently in your own power knowing that your personality is the draw card.