The Cost of Investing in Your Dreams

A New Study Exposes ‘Class Ceiling’ That Deters Less Privileged Actors – see link below.

Dreams do take a certain amount of investment.

But is it our financial situation that really stops us or is it that we are afraid to invest in ourselves? How often do we use our financial situation as an excuse not to invest the goal?

Can we see the value in investing in our goals (and therefore ourselves) and stop at nothing to move towards the goal?

After all if we are not ready to invest in ourselves why should anyone else – why should a director, or producer, or production company for that matter.

When it comes to investing in ourselves it should never be a matter of invest or do not invest. We should approach our goals with a “do-whatever-it-takes” attitude and look for that third option and ask instead “how can I make this happen?”

Often all it takes is the decision to invest for the money to magically appear.

Stand behind your talent and do whatever it takes.

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