Not Me

Gap II production – March 2015

Poster for Not Me

Directed by Hermione Gehle

“Not Me” is an artistic response to the proliferation of social media in the lives of today’s youth.

Throughout history advances in technology have aimed at making life easier, tasks quicker and communication less complicated. While there is no denying the internet provides all these things, there is a definite downside. The implications of cyberbullying, face-­stalking, privacy issues, a false sense of connection, narcissism, and associated addiction – despite the numerous studies – are yet fully realised. This exploration, into the virtual life of a generation that know no other world, exposes some of the pitfalls of naivety, over-dependence and the potential for future repercussions of revealing too much on social media.

Look up from your screens, iPads and iPhones.
Apples are for eating, not virtual meeting.
Inter-­gratification – temporary validation – the chance of permanent defamation.
An android belongs in outer space, not always stuck in front of your face.
Even when you’re tumblr famous,
Your fans and followers don’t know what your name is.
So when your biggest fans are on instragram,
It’s time to step back, get real, good luck.
Turn off. Switch on. LOOK UP!