Founded in 2018, The Actors’ Hub Studios is a not for profit organisation focussed on creating diverse, high impact, honest theatre and film to compete in the national and international market, that champions the uniquely Australian voice to a wider platform.

With a focus on providing experiences, the company begins every project with the primary focus on audience engagement. The Actors’ Hub Studios strives to create an intimate experience for its audiences through clever engagement techniques and masterful storytelling.

The Blind Eye Trilogy 

A series of plays: One Punch WonderThe Innocent Pawn and Is There Anybody Out There?  Together they form a snapshot of our current culture with the intent of bringing audiences together to start a much-needed conversation about the levels of violence on our streets, in our homes and on our screens.

The trilogy calls for social change and appeals to a wide audience – those who want to be that change and make a difference.

As a passionate voice in our community, your can experience and share in this conversation alongside the many Australians currently raising their voices. 

Despite raised awareness and ongoing campaigns, the current culture of violence in Australia is not slowing down and has seen an exponential increase during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Enough is enough. It’s time for change. Action is needed through strong leadership. Action is needed by friends and families across all of our communities.  Your voice can and will make a difference. 

You can play a part in creating a safer community and continuing the conversation and help bring the series to more Australian audiences.

One Punch Wonder 

How much damage does one punch really do?

Moving from a pub-side view of the confronting world of mateship, booze and violence to experiencing loss through the eyes of the grief-stricken, One Punch Wonder puts the culture of toxic masculinity under a microscope. 

The production has been having incredible impact on young adults, parents, youth and school students across Australia with its tours across the country. The first play in The Blind Eye Trilogy, One Punch Wonder asks “How are we raising our boys?”

The Innocent Pawn

The second instalment of The Blind Eye Trilogy, The Innocent Pawn  is a titillating, fun romp through raw and candid experiences of pornography that confronts boundaries about the over-sexualisation of men and women and asks the question: “Can we talk about this or are some subjects too taboo?”

Is There Anybody Out There? 

A modern day fairytale.

From the ancient, epic romance of Tristan and Isolde to the thrills and chills of love in our current world. 

The final instalment of The Blind Eye Trilogy, Is There Anybody Out There explores the idea of romantic love and aims to start the conversation about the uprising of domestic violence in our culture.



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