The lab

On Sundays at 5pm The Actors’ Hub comes alive as GAP students test out their skills on an intimate live audience. 

The Lab is the engine room where students are brewing their craft in a live professional setting. Audience members get to experience a different performance each month as various skills of the craft are explored. 

Being part of our Lab audience has so many benefits, not just for students but for our performing arts community in Perth, as we all play a role in developing our future superstars! 

UP NEXT:  SUNDAY, 4th July @ 7PM

The Lab – Insane Spontaneity 3
& Stand-Up Comedy

SUNDAY 4th July @ 5PM

The Actors Hub Studios

Tickets: $10

Once again, our Gap students form into teams and go up against each other in this manic game of improvisation.

Nothing scripted, nothing prepared……. Just you and them, some challenges and the instruction to improvise.

This is the final in the series. To date, it’s one all.  The fight is on!

Then our brave students face another challenge –  to become stand-up comedians. To stand up in front of an audience (as yourself) –  and just make people laugh!!!!   How difficult is that?!

And to round off the evening of laughter, the Gap 2s will present a self-devised comedy of manners.

And all for only $10!!!

Just click on the Trybooking link to book your seat!


The Lab – The Gym Scenes 2

FRIDAY 23rd July @ 6PM

The Actors Hub Studios

Tickets: @10

Yes, we are indeed running this Lab on a Friday evening, not a Sunday evening. And at the later time of 6pm. So come and start the weekend with a bit of high-end theatre!

Our Night Class students – which includes Gap students as well as students from our part-time program, The Gym –  have been working with the confronting and challenging works of some of our most prolific playwrights.

Well-written scenes give actors access to the most authentic and brilliant truths of the craft of acting. The greatest gift we can give in performance is our honest, unique self.

Over the past few months, the Hub has provided a safe environment for students to explore these wild, brilliant and often heartbreaking works of art in order that they begin to access this truth.

On Friday 23rd July, the students will once again perform more of these memorable scenes. For some of them, it will be the first time performing at the Hub in front of an audience. So come along and support them!  Just click on the Trybooking link to book your seat!

Please Note: 

The Actors’ Hub takes the safety of its audiences, staff and students very seriously  and seating will be arranged in line with current government physical-distancing guidelines. Where necessary, we reserve the right to adjust seating selections to ensure compliance with these conditions.

For these reasons,  pre-booking is advised

Thanks for your support!