The lab

On the last Sunday each month The Actors’ Hub comes alive as GAP students try out their skills on an intimate live audience 

The Lab is the engine room where students are brewing their craft in a live professional setting. Audience members get to experience a different performance each month as various skills of the craft are explored. 

Being part of our Lab audience has so many benefits, not just for students but for our performing arts community in Perth, as we all play a role in developing our future superstars! 

UP NEXT:  SUNDAY, 26th November @ 5pm

BodySpeak and Different Ways

SUNDAY 26th November @ 5pm

Tickets: $10

The Actors’ Hub Studios

 BodySpeak and Different Ways


This month the Gap students present a smorgasbord of activities:

    • The Gap 1 students perform BODYSPEAK – a physical exploration of relationships, investigating the idea that the body speaks what the mind cannot. The students explore how we communicate our deep desires and emotions through physical movement.
    • Then the Gap 2s and 3s explore how texts can be interpreted in many DIFFERENT WAYS – which is why we never get bored seeing different productions of “Hamlet”.
    • And we also have a little self-devised Brechtian piece.

So come along and see all the Gap students showcasing different formats of theatre.

Tickets are  $10 through Trybooking