What Lies Beneath

Gap II production – November 2015

Directed by Amanda Crewes

“What Lies Beneath” is a premier performance.

Everyone is born with extraordinary capability. So what happens to all that talent as we bump through life, getting by, but never realizing our true potential?

As we move through life our talents often get buried under life’s little events, and we need to remind ourselves of it, and go searching for it. In fact, the foundation of wisdom may be the willingness to risk, and go looking for it.

“What Lies Beneath” is an extraordinary exploration of the powerful emotions we hide beneath the surface when pushed to our extremes. This creative approach is guaranteed to give you a different perspective on what is going on behind the facade of “normal” we often see in others as we delve into passions, delights, fears, desires and frustrations on a journey to find the individual talents that lie within each of us.

“What Lies Beneath” is an exploration of what often lies beneath behaviour, sometimes heartwarming and inspirational, at other times heartbreaking.