Amanda Crewes - Director of the Actors' Hub

The Gym (Scene Workshop)

Providing performance opportunities after students have completed The Beginning. Students of The Gym work towards different public performances throughout the year. The Gym looks at how you can maintain that competitive edge while waiting for your next job.


The Actors’ Hub Gym Membership is an annual membership that gives you access to the following:

• Access to Acting Fundamentals classes
• Access to Script Work Classes
• Subscription to Lab performances
• 2 x Brand-development meetings per year
• Performance opportunities
• Rehearsal space
• Rehearsal support (directorial and written)
• Support with external submissions
• Support with screen tests when required
• Actors’ Hub community and community events
• Facebook discussion group
• Monthly blogs
• Monthly discussion group meetings
• Network building opportunities
• Hub Community ticket prices on production tickets

The prerequisite for Gym Membership is completion of the Beginning or Gap programs or proof of recognized experience in the industry.


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