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A Centre for Excellence in Performing Arts

The Actors’ Hub delivers adult training programs for professional minded actors, whether beginners or experienced professionals who are serious about the craft and mastering authenticity in performance. 

Offering an alternative pathway to academic institutionsThe Actors’ Hub is a buzzing acting community committed to supporting students and graduates throughout their training and beyond. 

We never compromise our standards but we are also not bound by frameworks, we teach our students to ‘breathe with the fish’ learning true connection in performance. 

If you are serious about your craft and nailing skills for success past the rehearsal room, The Actors’ Hub can take you there.

“The art of acting is in some ways the most exacting art of all, and without constant schooling, the actor will stop halfway.”

Peter Brook

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“When my daughter finished school I began researching acting schools. The Actors’ Hub, with its three year programme, looked promising. One thing that struck me about The Actors’ Hub the very first time I walked in, was how friendly and welcoming it was. Over the years I have seen her and her fellow students develop and grow. They learn so much more than acting, filming, writing, directing, producing, etc. They learn about the importance of self-discipline and attitude, about accepting criticism and adapting in the face of that criticism. The students learn life skills that will serve them all their lives.

I can highly recommend The Actors’ Hub. It’s run professionally, with integrity and with great dedication.

No matter what my daughter chooses to do in the years ahead, she has benefitted in so many ways from her training at The Actors’ Hub.”

Debbie, parent of GAP student