Centre for excellence in performing arts

Who are we?

Through focused training and support, the Actors’ Hub helps professional-minded actors, whether beginners or seasoned professionals, deliver consistent performance outcomes in order to achieve and maintain that competitive edge.

“It has long been recognised that without a permanent company few actors can thrive indefinitely. The art of acting is in some ways the most exacting art of all, and without constant schooling, the actor will stop halfway.” (Peter Brook)

In response to this understanding, we have established The Actors’ Hub, a new centre for excellence in performing arts specialising in acting training.

How we work

The Actors’ Hub provides ongoing acting classes for actors to develop and maintain their skills whether they are currently working within the industry or working their way into the industry. It is our aim at The Actors’ Hub to keep our work relevant and in response to current industry trends, demands and opportunities.

Starting with the Beginning acting classes and transitioning through to the Gym, our students are developed using proven acting techniques.  Peformances take place in the Lab, where we invite friends and family to join us. Click through to find out about Our Director and how Actors’ Hub got started.