Getting Started In Acting

Begin when you are ready!
Come down this Wednesday and trial a class for free!
Classes run every Wednesday 7 – 9PM (excl Public Holidays)

We offer a free introductory session in which we guarantee you will gain some insights into how you may be getting in your own way and holding yourself back from achieving what you want out of your acting. Plus you will take away some exercises that you can put into action straight away to blast through those blocks and get you back on track.

Discover Hidden Talents in the Actors’ Hub

Through focused training and support, the Actors’ Hub helps professional-minded actors, whether beginners or seasoned professionals, deliver consistent performance outcomes in order to achieve and maintain that competitive edge. Shine a light on your natural abilities. No matter where you come from, or where you are going, whether you have acted before or this is where you wish to start, we take you through the foundations of performance and then provide performance opportunities for you to hone your craft.

Our Acting Classes

Our acting classes are ongoing to keep your skills improving throughout your career – similar to an athlete in training – so you are ready for your next performance opportunity. The Hub is the actor athlete’s training ground where you can work with professionals and master teachers. These courses will help you throughout your journey. Intensive, inspiring and empowering. See below for more information.

The Gap

The Gap provides the actor with industry relevant experience, relationships with existing industry professionals and career mentorship. Our approach is distinctive in that we are committed to ensuring our training is nurturing and supportive, which finds its way into the lessons as well as the environment.
The Gap is a 12-hour x 40-week program that includes several performance opportunities for students throughout the year. Entry is by audition and interview only and applicants must be over 17 years of age.

See The Gap Course for more information


The Beginning

Designed to find the actor in you. This part-time course, which runs throughout the year, is designed to find the actor in each individual and uncover hidden talent. This course is open to anyone interested in honing his or her skills in acting. During the weekly two-hour classes, we take you through the foundations of performance. Each individual class is designed to add to your skills repertoire, so students can remain in this course as long as they wish in order to keep working and improving their skills.

See The Beginning for more information.

The Gym

Providing performance opportunities after students have completed The Beginning. Students of The Gym work towards different public performances throughout the year. The Gym looks at how you can maintain that competitive edge while waiting for your next job.


The Actors’ Hub Gym Membership is an annual membership that gives you access to the following:
• Access to Acting Fundamentals classes
• Access to Script Work Classes
• Subscription to Lab – Performances
• 2 x Brand development meetings per year
• Performance opportunities
• Rehearsal space
• Rehearsal support (directorial and written)
• Support with external submissions
• Support with screen tests when required
• Actors’ Hub community and community events
• Facebook discussion group
• Monthly blogs
• Monthly discussion group meetings
• Network building opportunities
• Hub Community ticket prices on production tickets

The prerequisite for Gym Membership is completion of the Beginning or Gap programs or proof of recognized experience in the industry.

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