Why we're different

Why we’re different

The Actors’ Hub in relative terms might seem like the new kid on the block. Fact is we’ve been around since 2012 and collectively our coaches have over 250 years of industry experience under their belts!  But we’re still cool to be the newbies, cause that’s just numbers and we’re all about craft. 

But who are we really?  I mean why would you consider The Actors’ Hub when choosing on your acting career options? 

Let’s look at it like this…… we have the same top notch coaches as everyone else. The difference is, we offer an alternative pathway, not your traditional academic one.  

You see, we believe that acting needs an immersive pathway into the industry. A holistic approach for the craft and the product. That’s why you’ll often hear us refer to a term we coined ‘The Actor Entreprenuer’. 

Our coaches will work you very hard to develop the best fundamental skills you can. It can be challenging, exciting, even confronting but it will also be authentic, professional and life changing. 

We like to challenge our students in new ways, we are mavericks and masters of our craft.  We work damn hard and it shows! 

Our students have been touted by agents as the most “ready”, the “best to work with”. We demand you dig deep because this is what acting is about. Getting raw, getting honest, without the drama (pun intended). 

Everyone is different and we all blossom in different styles of learning. We know we’ve captured a formula that works and that is really at the heart. Afterall, that’s what acting is isn’t it? 

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together

African Proverb

Life on the other side 

The Actors’ Hub isn’t just interested in getting you through acting school, we really want to see you get into the industry. Hub to Hollywood is our mantra as we quietly work away.  

We love our students, graduates and our community. Once a student graduates, or even when they have secured an agent, support doesn’t just end there! 

We consider ongoing training to be paramount, therefore our artists are given the opportunity to reach out for support. The Actors’ Hub provides an environment for our artists to constantly learn, keep fresh and work on their audition technique. Alumni are welcomed to become members to access continual training opportunities.

With a budding production company also attached to the school, The Actors’ Hub is actively creating new work opportunities for graduates as we simply love working with them! 

The hub challenges you to be the best you can. It’s a place that encourages you to push your limits in both your professional life and personal life. (A grade careers need an A grade lives). It’s a place where you will face your brutal truths and be held to the highest standards, just like that of the industry. 

Trent, The GAP student 

The Actors’ Hub gave me the opportunity to reshape and realign myself to become a person who has resilience, grit and discipline when it comes to an industry that has many stories around it. Here, I learned not only to be an actor but a businessman, a person of integrity and value and to develop a rhinoceros skin whilst being brave enough to expose my heart. 

The journey was not easy, and it would be folly to think that at any point it was going to be, but it was worth it and I was worth more than the reasons to not take on that journey. 

Kyle, The GAP Graduate 

Among many things, something that I’ve learnt an incredible amount about at The Actors’ Hub is the importance of honest feedback. Yes, honesty can be difficult to hear at times, especially if it’s something your running away from hearing, but it’s through that difficulty that I’ve seen so much growth in both myself and my peers while studying here. To have the courage to really look at yourself and know where you’re at is something I’ve never quite seen at any acting school before and for that I’m incredibly grateful for The Actors’ Hub. If you’re looking for a place where you are championed to be the best you can be every day, The Actors’ Hub is for you. 

Anna, The GAP student