January 20th – February 13th, 2022

Our graduates perform 4x4x4: a series of four shows, over four nights, for four weeks of Fringe, as well as Naughty Nights at Nine: an extravaganza variety event of fun and intrigue.

N.B. Please be aware of the WA Government’s COVID safety requirements re mask wearing, contact register and proof of vaccination. Failure to comply means you will not be able to enter the venue.
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Four different shows, four nights each over four weeks of Fringe! The Actors’ Hub have once again pulled out all the stops to put on an action-packed month of shows certain to see audiences coming back for more! From dystopian worlds, to celebrity impersonations, to evocative story telling. With dates set across the month and each show starting at 7pm., you don’t have to compromise on choice!


An inspiring exploration of those at the top of their field.

 January 22nd, 30th, February 3rd, 11th

What would happen if we began to harvest the many to save the few?

January 20th, 28th, February 5th, 13th

If I let in another’s story do I have to let go of a story of you?

January 23rd, 27th,  February 4th, 12th

A fun 360 degree verbatim exploration of what it means to be an Aussie.

January 21st, 29th,  February 6th, 10th


Naughty Nights @ Nine

Naughty Nights @ Nine is an exciting suite of variety shows designed to challenge our local talent and keep audiences on their toes.

Story 1     January 21st, 28th
Story 2      February 4th, 11th

Could you solve a murder? We transport you to an iconic era with a deadly twist. The clues are there; from murder weapons, hidden motives & shaky alibis and our detective needs YOUR help to uncover the truth.

January 29th, February 12th

Perth’s brightest up-and-coming directors, producers and actors are given 24 hours to film the short-film that will win the audience & beat the competition.

January 22nd, February 5th

A brand new play in just one day!  12 hours to write. 12 hours to rehearse.There’s no turning back and no time for doubt in this chaotic challenge unlike anything you’ve ever experienced before.



The Actors’ Hub takes the safety of its patrons, staff and students very seriously.

Seating will be arranged in line with government guidelines and physical-distancing requirements and where necessary, we reserve the right to adjust seating selections to ensure compliance with these conditions. For these reasons, we encourage you to book online.

The Western Australian Government introduced mandatory contact registers at relevant businesses and venues from 5 December 2020. Maintaining a contact register is an extra safety measure and one of the most effective ways to control the spread of COVID-19.

The Actors’ Hub recommends patrons download the free SAFE WA app which has been endorsed by the Department of Health before attending a show. By using the app you will be able to scan our unique QR code.

The use of SafeWA is encouraged however not mandatory, therefore The Actors’ Hub will also be maintaining a physical register. Patrons, staff, volunteers and contractors will be required to record their name, telephone number, date and arrival time. This information will be kept for 28 days. Learn more at