It has been a very interesting time with theatre and film around the world coming to a standstill. This in turn has caused many artists in the world of performing arts to ask what is their purpose? And more specifically what is the purpose of their art during this time? How do they forge forward with current restrictions? It is easy during times like these to become discouraged or consider career choices that perhaps are not as fulfilling.  

Turn to your values. Use them to guide you.

Many individuals could no longer do what they had previously done so they had to consider a way to survive. Those businesses/individuals who turned back to their values and why they were pursuing an artistic pathway in the first place were more successful at weathering the storm. They reached back to their “why?” – why they pursue the craft – and then asked “if that is why I do it how can I fulfil that purpose under these circumstances?”.  

When you cannot do what you have always done look to why you started doing it in the first place. Ask, what specifically brought you the joy? And then start creating around that under the new restrictions. Look for alternate pathways to your ideal. But do not give up on your ideal.  

Truth be told we need our actors, our storytellers more than ever. They keep us entertained, challenge us, ground us and teach us about ourselves.  

 The Actors’ Hub offers a three year acting course that trains actors in Western Australia whilst preparing them for international markets. For the actors that were hoping to receive their training through on-set experiences those experiences have become limited. Does that mean you will stop? For the actors hoping to train over east have the risks become a little too high? Were you planning on waiting another year? Go to your values, go to your “why?” and look at how you can move towards your purpose under these new circumstances.  

We are here to help. Whether you have had no experience and want to travel the path to secure the best representation or whether you have experience but really want to step up in your career and start attracting stronger opportunities or whether you fall somewhere in between, we are here to help.  

So, look to your “why?” – why you want to pursue it – and talk to us. We will help you determine a plan as to how.  

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