Platinums production – January-February 2018

Directed by Amanda Crewes

Four Men. Four Shows. Four Nights. All Fringe,

FOUR men performing the following four shows across four weeks make up 4x4x4 at Fringe World in 2018….



What happens when hope comes up against The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse?

Set in a post-apocalyptic Perth, aliens have invaded and are slowly depleting the earth’s water and population. A small group of survivors have succeeded in capturing one of the aliens.

Hypnotic and razor-Sharp, “Pool (no water)” tears up the ideals of friendship and art, exposing a deep vein of envy.

Written by Mark Ravenhill, it takes a humorous yet unsettling dive into the way a group of four shadow artists attempt to sabotage, blame, lie, exploit and take delight in the demise of one of their own.

How much damage does one punch really do?

One Punch Wonder pulls up the page and looks into the cowards’ punch from all angles.  Are there really any heroes from a coward’s punch?

We all want success. But are you willing to pay the price?

Why? explores the lives of some well-known trailblazers, within their own industries: Heath Ledger, Robin Williams, Muhammad Ali and Andy Kaufman. The sacrifices they made and work they did. Why? Poses the question: Are legends born? Or do they make themselves?