Studios Films

Original films developed by The Actors’ Hub Studios Inc. A range of diverse Australian stories, creating films with experiences that delight, inspire and entertain.

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After a young Australian enlists to fight on the frontline during World War 1, he spends his final hours of freedom in the picturesque Blue Mountains where an unexpected touch brings with it an experience he will never forget.

Paper Cranes

In a world that has traded emotion for productivity, a young accountant desperately searches for connection as proof that his life has not been wasted.

The Comedy Circuit: AKA Philip Phelp’s Unlikely Mission From God

After a personalised and very specific calling from God, a failed comedian sets off on a journey around Western Australia in a last ditch attempt to bring joy to the masses, while weathering the incompetencies of four overly enthusiastic wannabes in a competition where the contestants are determined to win by any means.

Beau’s End

Ten strangers from different walks of life become friends on a Contiki tour. They are reunited eight years later after their dearly beloved friend, Beau, suddenly dies from an aneurysm.

Trouble starts when Beau’s parents refuse to accept that their son is married to a man, Oli. Beau was the glue of the group and now they fear what will become of them without him. In their final send-off they fight to give Beau the end he deserves despite all odds.

The friends urge Oli to fight back but will he stand up for the real Beau they all knew?